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Here is a list of some of the conferences and events (UK and abroad) where I gave presentations, keynotes, live coding session and hands-on sessions. Besides that, 
as the founder of the London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC), I have organised tens of events including presentations, hands-on coding sessions, round-tables and panel discussions.


SCNA - Software Craftsmanship North America: 8-9 November - Chicago, US [video]

JAX London: 28-30 October - London, UK

Agile by Example: 16-18 October - Warsaw, Poland [video]

SoCraTes UK: 19-22 September - Cotswold, UK (organiser / speaker)

Software Craftsmanship Days: 11-12 June - Stockholm, Sweden 

I T.A.K.E: 30-31 May - Bucharest, Romania [keynote] [legacycode]

GeeCON: 15-17 May - Krakow, Poland [video]

Devoxx UK: 26-27 March - London, UK

Joy of Coding: 1st March - Rotterdam, The Netherlands 


ScreenCast: 14th December - Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code (video) 

UK CodeFusion User Group: 13th December - London, UK: Presenting 'Software Craftsmanship' 

Global Day of Code Retreat (GDCR): 8th December - London, UK: Organised three Code Retreats in London and facilitated one of them. (video)

LJC Open Conference: 24th November - London, UK: Presenting live coding session on "Testing and Refactoring Legacy Java Code" 

SCNA 2012: 9 - 10th November - Chicago - US: Lighting talk on 'Software Craftsmanship Communities in Europe' and co-organised Open Space for Software Craftsmanship Communities leaders.
Cambridge Software Craftsmanship Community: 23rd October - Cambridge, UK: Hands-on session on "Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code"

JAXLondon 2012 : 15 - 17th October - London, UK: Presenting ' Curing Agile Hangover with Craftsmanship ' and ' Testing and Refactoring Legacy Java Code

Lean Agile Scotland: 21 - 22nd September - Edinburgh, Scotland: Presenting 'Software Craftsmanship'

SoCraTes 2012: 2 - 4th of August, Germany: 'Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code' hands-on session' and 'Non-intrusive architecture' open space. 

ACE 2012 : 13 - 15th June - Krakow, Poland: Presenting ' Curing Agile Hangover With Craftsmanship (video)

British Computer Society (BSC): 23rd April - London, UK: Presenting 'Software Craftsmanship'

Software Passion Summit 2012: 19 - 20th March - Gothenburg, Sweden: Presenting 'Software Craftsmanship'

Agile Edge 2012: 21st February - London, UK: Co-presenting 'Curing Agile Hangover With Craftsmanship '


Global Day of Code Retreat (GDCR): 3rd December - London, UK: Organised and faciliated the code Code Retreat (video)

LJC Open Conference 2011 : 26th November - London, UK: Presenting ' Software Craftsmanship ' and ' Testing Legacy Code '

SCNA 2011 : 18 - 19th November - Chicago, USA: Open space with 'Software Craftsmanship Community organisers' and a lightning talk on 'Software Craftsmanship Communities in Europe'

JAXLondon 2011: 31st October - 2nd November - London, UK: Presenting 'Think you don't need software craftsmanship

Paris Software Craftsmanship Community (PSCC) : 20th October, Paris, France: Presenting ' Software Craftsmanship

SoCraTes 2011 : 1 - 3rd September, Johannesberg, Germany: Running hands-on session ' Crafting Object-Oriented Code'


LJC Open Conference 2010 : 27th November - London, UK - Presenting ' Domain-Driven Design '

London Software Craftsmanship Community (LSCC) : 6th October - London, UK - Presenting ' Software Craftsmanship '


Valtech : 19th May - London, UK: Brown-bag session on 'Java Server Faces'

Valtech : 26th June - London, UK: Presenting on 'Lucene & Solr'


Interviewed by UGtastic: 10th November 2012 - Chicago - USA (video) 

Interviewed by UGtastic: 19th November 2011- Chicago - USA (video) 

The Importance of Software Craftsmanship - (Interview) - Sep, 2nd 2011
Working for a consultancy company (interview) - GDC Careers - Mar, 6th 2011
A Craftsman Journey (interview video) - October, 6th 2010 - London
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London Sofware Craftsmanship Community (LSCC) - Founder - August, 2010
London Java Community (LJC) - Member since November, 2007
London Scala User Group (LSUG) - Member since October, 2010
Java Web User Group (JAVAWUG) - Member since December, 2007


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